Hi! My name is Nicole Skinner and I live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. I appreciate you stopping by my blog. It’s my hope you’ll IMG_4163find inspiration and information to help you save money, save time, save resources, live a debt-free life, eat organic and natural, and love life! Here’s a little history on how this blog came to be…

I’ve always loved coupons. I remember cutting them out for my Mom for things I am sure she never intended to buy. It was sure fun to cut them out and organize them though! I used coupons frequently as I entered adulthood, but never with the purpose that came after having a baby. All things baby are expensive, especially if you are paying full-price. I began following blogs, printing coupons online and playing the “can I save more than I spend game?” It became very addicting and I loved it!

With all this saving, I began to see how saving on a regular basis freed up money in the budget to pay down debt. I don’t know about you, but debt is a bad four-letter word at our house. It can drag you down and almost make you think there is no way to get back up. My husband and I vowed to get out of debt and to never utilize it as a way of living again. Several months in to this commitment I found Dave Ramsey. What a wonderful blessing! We instilled the baby-steps from Dave’s book The Total Money Makeover (see page Love: Nicole’s Reading Picks to find out more)  in to our plan and are happy to be living debt-free since 2011. We are still completing our journey through the rest of the baby steps.

Throughout my coupon craze and debt-free mission, I became more in tune with the foods we eat and products we use in our home. In late 2010, I began to switch our products, as we ran out of existing supply and stockpile, to organic, all natural, earth-friendly and toxin-free—wherever possible. While initially this was a shocking change to our monthly budget compared to before, it was rewarding to know the good these changes will allow in the future.  Now days, these prices are my guidelines as I look for these options before conventional products. I still work coupons, deals and sales as much as possible, but the freebies for organic and all natural products are not in the same abundance as other products.

While keeping these lifestyle missions and shopping philosophies top of mind, it’s also important to love every minute of life to the fullest extent. Enjoy your family. Love on your kids. Be Silly. Be Fun. Think. Read. Get fit. Be crafty. Go on vacation. Cook. Bake. Love life.

That’s what this blog is about.


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