Love: Messages from Above

I was taking a brief break at work yesterday. My co-worker and I went for a walk – it’s one we do often, same route pretty much every time. I looked down and saw the above photo – a sticker that says “keep it UP”…boy what a great way to deliver a message and some inspiration from the BG (Big Guy upstairs).

You see I’d been wondering about a lot of things – in particular if I should keep blogging or take a “sabbatical” until I could get more time in my schedule to blog. I’ve been so sporadic in my posting with all of life’s happenings that instead of being happy about blogging I was started to get stressed. That’s the last thing it should be – it’s my hobby. Hobbies are supposed to be FUN right?

So  I saw this little message and thought. You know BG you are right. I should keep it UP. Keep going. Don’t Give Up (Wait, do I hear  Yo Gabba Gabba song here people?!). Maybe I can’t post as often as I want, but I will still keep posting. Because if I give up, nothing will change. If I keep going, something could will.

What message or inspiration has God send you lately? Share below.


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